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5 Types of Freight Shipping Options To Choose From

Freight shipping is the process of transporting your shipment or goods or freight by various modes like land, air or ocean. It not only serves as a backbone for different businesses but also acts as an essential element in the supply chain of the shipping companies. If you are not aware of various shipping methods you can opt for, here we have mentioned some freight shipping modes for you to understand:

Less Than Truck Load

It’s a mixed-mode of shipping since dozens of cargo are loaded into the truck, which has to be shipped to different locations. At various stop-points, these shipments have to be loaded and unloaded, thus makes this dispatching procedure comparatively expensive.

FTL (Full Truck Load)

This kind of shipment methods allows your goods of reache its destination as soon as it is carried through only one dedicated shipping truck, and there are no stop points in between. It is cost-effective methods and there are fewer chances of freight to get damaged.

Partial Truck Load

A partial shipment is a large volume of LTL shipment as the trucks fill up the cargo, which has to be shipped urgently. This shipment methodology is used by the shipping companies that benefit them in fast movements of goods, minimum handling and cheap cost.

Inter-modal shipping

In this form of shipment delivery, the freight is transported through two modes, i.e. rail and truck. However, to streamline the shipment process, ships can also be used for shipping the cargo.

Expedited delivery

It is defined as a process of sending a customer’s parcel at a fast speed than a normal delivery. The shipment can vary upon the shipping policies of the carrier, and it is delivered the same night.

The above-listed shipment methods are form of various modes of transportation. If you want to transport your truckload anywhere in the city or country, feel free to contact our shipping experts at Canworld Logistics.

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